Ready For Production


The screenplays below are ready for production. Please click on the photo or title to read the synopsis.

The Lorelei

Genre: Adventure saga. A daring Cuban prison break to free a beloved grandfather triggers the Mariel boatlift, bankrolled by a cocaine kingpin expecting lifetime loyalty.


The Siren’s Call

Genre: Magical realism. A callous man challenges the mythical Siren of the Seas to fulfill her promise and kill him even as his loved ones beg for clemency.

NOTE: The Siren’s Call is a character-driven, smaller budget variation of The Lorelei.


The Moral Compass

Genre: Historical fiction. A trunk buried during the Civil War spawns a multi-generational web of deceit and murder, and holds a pernicious secret that would have changed history as we know it.



Bipolar Express

Genre: Dark comedy/drama. A bipolar man wants to build a church to court the daughter of a powerful Southern preacher who will stop at nothing to keep them apart.